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Taikai Rules – Kendo Kata Taikai


FORM: In 2013, the National Kata Taikai will be run on the day of the British Open (December 14th)

Each Dojo may enter three pairs of players , which are registered to the BKA for a minimum of 3 months before the date of the taikai. Pairs will be judged on performance and technique. There will be two categories in the National Kata Taikai:

1. Ikkyu  to 3 Dan,  who will be required to demonstrate 3 forms from 1 to 7 selected on the day (Both sides to be shown).

2. 4th Dan and above, who will be required to demonstrate 3 forms selected from all 10 forms. (Again, both side to be shown).

RULES: A knock out system for senior members only aged 18 years of age and above, judged by Han-tei.

All forms of Kendo No Kata will be performed on both sides Shidachi/Uchidachi. They will be performed in an order chosen on the day. Semi final and final rounds may contain additional requirements to be determined on the day.

Qualifying age is taken from 1st January of the year of the competition.

All participants must be fully paid up members of the Association for a minimum of 3 months prior to the date of the Taikai and will be required to show their BKA membership at registration.

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