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Tag: Training

Iaido and Jodo Referees Seminar

The Iaidobu and Jodobu are delighted to announce the BKA 2010 Iaido and Jodo Referees Seminar. This year we are being supported by Ishido Sensei and Yoshimura Sensei. Please see form below for details. BKA members can book their place on this event on the online booking page. For further clarification please contact Andy Watson […]

New Kendo Begineers Guide Published

Terry Holt sensei has written a new guide for those begining their kendo careers (and it has many useful tips for the more experienced too!) A free download is available here  Holt sense advises that the booklet can be printed out in a very nice A5 book if your printer supports Duplex or double sided […]

Kendo Referee Guide – Second Edition Published

“The First Steps to Becoming a Referee” the well known guide for Kendo shinpan, written by Terry Holt sensei, has been revised and updated.  A free download is available here 

Kendo – Hizen Dojo Kangeiko

Jeff Humm sensei (Renshi, Nanadan) and Hizen Dojo in London Euston, extend a warm invitation to all kendoka to come along to our Winter Training (Kangeiko) in January 2010.  Five consecutive evening practices to get you started again in the New Year!

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Diary Dates The calendar has been updated with 2010′s kendo events. New Video Links New video links have been added to various pages in the video section:

Iai & Jo Squad Training Dates

The next Jodo and Iaido squad training sessions, to be held at the new training venue for Jinmukan Dojo, have been announced.