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Tag: National Committee

NC Minutes Published

Minutes of national committee meetings are available on this page Minutes have been published today for: NC Minutes – 24 October 2010 – Approved NC Minutes – 25 April 2010 – Approved

Freepost Envelopes Addressed to the Treasurer

Members are asked not to use old pre-paid envelopes addressed to the previous Treasurer.  The Royal Mail is charging the BKA for this. Please destroy old envelopes and ensure any dojo information relating to the BKA (on their websites or in their literature) has the current Treasurer’s address: Patrick Breheny Flat 2, 36 Sherbourne Road, […]

National Committee Minutes – Jan 2010

Minutes of the National Committee Meeting held 31 January 2010 are now available for download here.

Jo & Iai complaints committees formed

Membership of the complaints committees for the Iaido and Jodo Bu have been announced.  The participants are: Iai Bu Complaints Committee – Peter West, Chris Buxton, Brian Stockwell Jodo Bu Complaints Committee – Andy Watson, Val Hodges, Peter Ellis   Members should not contact the committee’s directly about complaints but should email the Complaints Officer […]

Complaints Officer Appointed

The NC has just co-opted a Complaints Officer whose job it is to be the receiving point for complaints and to advise members who are considering using the Complaints procedure.  Details of the Complaints procedure are given in the constitution here Please see Article 13: Complaints Procedures.

National Committee Minutes – Oct 2009

The approved final version of the minutes of the National Committee from 11 Oct 2009 have been published.  You can find them in the NC meeting section here or download them directly here.