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Tag: London Grading

Wakaba Kendo Grading – 24th April

Ikkyu and Shodan grading at Wakaba Dojo on the 24th April Online application now open and available till 30th March. Please log on to the membership database ( Panel: Mr E Levi 5th Dan, Mr K. Masagaki 5th Dan, Mr S. Myamura 5th Dan, Ms E. Yoshikawa 5th Dan, Ms H. Wright 5th Dan Panel […]

Kendo Grading Examiner’s Panel Practice

Mr Holt will run a short session for all at the Wakaba Kendo grading, for both grading panel examiners and student examinees, before the grading (this is normal practice at any grading). In addition, he will help a second “shadow” panel of examiners (throughout the entire grading) getting the skills needed to sit on future […]

London Kendo Grading April 25th

London Kendo Grading April 25th – Ikkyu & Shodan In order to participate in the grading, you must have completed and returned a grading application form, by the 25th February. The application form can be found here The written question is: List the elements which constitute “Yuko Datotsu”. Seminar Starts at 10am on Saturday 25th […]