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Tag: Kangeiko

Jodo Kangeiko

On January 28th 2012 we have planned a low-cost first-of-the-year training session (Kangeiko) to be held at Kenmukan Dojo in Wolverton thanks to Alain Bangard and his dojo members. The event is online now on the BKA online booking system which I am sure you now all have full access to. If you have any […]

Hizen Kangeiko

Jeff Humm Sensei and the members of Hizen dojo would like to invite the members of the BKA to join them in starting 2011 in our annual week long kangeiko. The kangeiko will be an informal ji-geiko, open to all levels of kendoka, running from the 4th to the 9th of January.

Winter training and Kyu Grade competition

Andy Fisher, now GB Squad Captain, first (and Fighting Spirit award winner) at the 2003 Lidstone Taikai . The Kyusha Taikai is the successor event. Saturday, 9th January 2010 – Kyusha Taikai (competition for members holding a grade below Shodan) Taikai registration at 09:45 for a 10:15 start (doors open at 09:00) Dan grades encouraged […]

Kendo – Hizen Dojo Kangeiko

Jeff Humm sensei (Renshi, Nanadan) and Hizen Dojo in London Euston, extend a warm invitation to all kendoka to come along to our Winter Training (Kangeiko) in January 2010.  Five consecutive evening practices to get you started again in the New Year!