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Tag: EKF

EKF/FIK gradings etc.

Chairman’s update on matters arising from the ex-President’s report re EKF/FIK gradings etc. 22 September 09 The EKF has no problem in recognising the BKA Chairman as the equivalent of President. There are no impediments to BKA members taking foreign gradings, referee panels, Renshi-shogo applications etc.

Chairman’s note on possible EKF/FIK issues following the Sao Paolo meeting

Summary:  There were no problems with foreign gradings or Renshi-shogo or other matters that I am aware of, prior to the publication of the outgoing President’s report of discussions/decisions at the EKF and FIK meetings in Sao Paolo. The latter gives rise to concerns over terminology and I shall debate this with the EKF. Full […]

World Kendo Championships, EKF & FIK Reports

14 World Kendo Championships logo Today we are publishing two reports on events that took place at the recent Kendo World Championships: John Howell sensei reports briefly on the competition and more seriously on the meetings of the European Kendo Federation (EKF) and International Kendo Federation (FIK) that took place in Brazil at the same […]