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Materials, Guides and Policies for Individual Members and Clubs

Resources For Individuals


  • You can join, upgrade and renew online here.
  • Membership Form – For postal membership applicatios
  • Membership Fees – Information about types of membership, costs and how to join.


See also the Grading Questions sub-section on each arts homepage (left hand menu) and the Grading section (for information on criteria for entering, costs, etc).

BKA Management

All BKA Management minutes and papers can be found here

Kendo Competition (Taikai) Rules and Regulations

Kendo Guides and Manuals

  • Kendo Beginner’s Guide - a new and practical introduction for kendoka of all levels, by Terry Holt sensei (2nd edition updated July 2014)
  • Referee Book – A guide to the role of kendo referee (Shinpan) by Terry Holt Sensei.  (Second edition revised and updated January 2010).
  • Kendo Equipment Manual – A guide to the using and maintaining kendo equipment, clothing and armour.  Available in English, French and German (see links at the bottom right of the page for self-extracting zip file).
  • The Kendo Reader – A highly regarded work on kendo practice by Noma Hisashi, written in the 1930′s, but still relevant and fascinating today.

Iai & Jodo Taikai



  • Hagakure – Hagakure (meaning In the shadow the Leaves or Hidden Leaves), is a practical and spiritual guide for a warrior, drawn from a collection of commentaries by the samurai, Yamamoto Tsunetomo.
  • The Unfettered Mind – The Unfettered Mnd is a three-part treatise on Buddhist philosophy and martial arts written by Takuan Soho, a Japanese monk of the Rinzai sect. The title translates roughly to The Mysterious Records of Immovable Wisdom.

Resources For Clubs and Dojo Leaders

Club Registration

Coach Training Programme

Health & Safety



  • BKA ‘Fan’ Logo – for use by clubs on official and promotional material, websites etc. (Right click to save on your own PC)
  • Promoting Sport Toolkit – a range of resources from Sport England (off-line @ June 09?)
  • How to Work with the Media – a useful guide from Sport England
  • How to Write a Press Release – dittoA4 kendo flyer by Katsuya Mazagaki, Wakaba dojo
  • Kendo Promotional Flyer (A4) – Need a leaflet to hand out at kendo demonstrations or a poster to stick in the dojo changing room?Artwork for a new leaflet, designed by professional graphic designer Katsuya Masagaki of Wakaba dojo, is available here. The leaflet has space at the bottom which dojos can stamp or print with local contact details. PDFs of the artwork are available in A4 and A5 size.

Download A4 PDF Artwork
Download A5 PDF Artwork

Significant Medical Issues Policy