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Welcome to the British Kendo Association

The British Kendo Association (BKA) is the official governing body for Kendo, Iaido and Jodo in the UK.

The BKA was founded in 1964 as a non-profit making organisation to foster and develop the practice and spirit of Kendo, Iaido, and Jodo along traditional lines.

For more information on the BKA, please read the About Us section.

If you are interested in beginning Kendo, Iaido or Jodo please see the Starting section for more information and then look in Clubs for somewhere to practice near you.

Latest News

Lidstone Memorial Kyusha Taikai, 2014

The results for the Lidstone Memorial Kyusha Taikai, 11 Oct 2014 are

Winner: Oleg Narea, Reading Kendo Club
2nd place: Kristen Wang, University of Kent Kendo Club
3rd place: Jonathan den Otter, Tora dojo / Gabriel Simon, Hizen dojo
Fighting Spirit: Kristen Wang, UKKC
Peter Gibson prize: Amy Hoang, UKKC

Congratulations to them and to everyone who took part in another spirited and well-fought contest in the best tradition of the Lidstone.

Thanks and regards,

David Finch
Secretary, Nenriki kendo club

NORTHERN JODO & IAIDO SEMINAR & GRADING 22nd & 23rd November 2014

We would like to invite you to the 20th BKA Northern Iaido and Jodo Seminar 2014. The seminar will be held simultaneously across two venues in the local area, the Education Village and Darlington College, which we have used in previous seminars, both offering a larger space to train and some smaller spaces for concentrated groups.

Full details including accommodation information available here

The seminar will be led by:

Jock Hopson Kyoshi 7th Dan (grading group)
Vic Cook Renshi 7th Dan (grading group)
Chris Mansfield Renshi 7th Dan (non­grading group)
Len Bean Renshi 7th Dan (non­grading group)

With Assistance from Greg Drewe Renshi 6th Dan and Alan Lee­ Nash Renshi 6th Dan

Harry Jones 6th Dan
With Assistance from Stojanka Vidinic 5th Dan

Please book onto this event through the online booking system by going through your account at

You will need to add items to your basket and return to the booking screen to add accommodation nights, sayonara party booking etc, where relevant.
Please make sure that you have booked:
1. The right seminar booking.
2. The correct grading if you are grading.
If you have any problems with the online booking system, please contact Rob Sidoli at

Overseas visitors only:
You can now book onto the event via the BKA website online registration system as a “guest” member.

Jodo Koryu Session cancellation

We are sorry to announce that the Jodo Koryu Session 3 and Taikai in Wolverton on 11th October 2014 is now cancelled.

Mumeishi 3′s 2014 – Nov 15th

It is getting closer to this year’s Mumeishi 3’s on November 15th

If there any 3rd Dan or higher that would like to be referees at this year’s M3’s, please contact us quickly so we can assess them to be referees. (

This year’s entry form is here

The details of the competition are here: 2014 Mumeishi 3s Poster


Novara kendo seminar and grading, 24/26 Oct Italy

Dera EKF Member Federations, dear Presidents, dear EKF Kendo Friends,

This autums’s high level kendo seminar and EKF 6th and 7th dan kendo examinations are organanised at the end of October in Italy, Novara. Date of the seminar is 24 – 26 October 2014 nd the exam will be held in the afternoon of 26 October. Please share this information to all kendoka who might be concerned/interested.

Detailed information on Novara kendo seminar and CIK-EKF exams are posted on CIK webiste (also in English). Link is here:

The highranking ZNKR Delegation has been announced and will consist of the following distinguished sensei:

1. Mr. Koji KATO, Kendo Hanshi 8 Dan;
2. Mr. Kazuo FURUKAWA, Kendo Kyoshi 8 Dan;
3.Mr. Masaru YAMAZAKI, Kendo Kyoshi 8 Dan.

Registrations to exams are now open. Deadline is 12 October 2014.

Registrations to EKF 6th and 7th dan kendo exam is done via EKF website, by your national federation. As always.

Payment of examinations are made in advance on EKF account by Member federation or by candidate concerned. Payment deadline is the same, 12 October 2014. Normal examination fees apply.

EKF Bank account information:
BNP Paribas Fortis Bank, Brussels
Account holder’s name: EKF AISBL
Account number(IBAN): BE45 0016 9470 5689

Please do not hesitate to ask questions, if any.


Pekka Nurminen


10th International Ariga Sensei Kendo Seminar on 18-19 October 2014 in Lisbon, Portugal

Dear EKF Member Federations, dear Presidents,

We invite you and your fellow kendoka to participate in the upcoming 10th International Ariga Sensei Kendo Seminar on 18-19 October 2014 in Lisbon, Portugal. Dan examinations will be held in Sunday afternoon (19 of October).

Detailed information on the seminar can be consulted on the website:

Sensei present at the 10th International Ariga Seminar:

Tomoharu Ito (Kendo Hanshi 8th Dan)
Taro Ariga (Kendo Kyoshi 7th Dan)
Emilio Gomez (Kendo Kyoshi 7th Dan)
Atsushi Fujimoto (Kendo Kyoshi 7th Dan)
Hayato Okawa (Kendo Renshi 7th Dan)
Mikko Salonen (Kendo Renshi 7th Dan)
David Mori (Kendo  Renshi 7th Dan)
António Gutierrez (Kendo 7th Dan)

Best regards,

Associação Portuguesa de Kendo