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Grading Questions – Kendo

Below are the current kendo grading questions.  Please check back before submitting your grading application to check that the questions have not changed.

All grades, all events (effective 6th November 2013):

Please answer any two questions at the appropriate grade level.


  1. Name the parts of a Shinai
  2. Explain the importance of reigi in Kendo?
  3. Name the three forms of Ashi-sabaki & explain how and when they are used?


  1. Explain ki-ken-tai-itchi.
  2. You have now practiced for a year or more, how would you explain Kendo to a person who is interested in starting?
  3. In Kendo no Kata explain the role of Uchidachi?


  1. Give two examples of nidan waza and explain the key points in their execution?
  2. Explain the role of Motodachi & how it can improve your Kendo if practised correctly?
  3. What in your view are the most important points to observe when practicing Kendo no Kata?


  1. Give 3 examples of shikake waza and explain the key elements of performing them correctly.
  2. Explain the concept of seme.
  3. Explain the difference between Kakari-geiko and Hikitate-geikio


  1. How do you feel a good Sempai should act in the dojo and what is their role?
  2. Discuss tame and its relationship with seme
  3. Explain the concept of shikai, (the four kendo sicknesses)


  1. You have practiced now for ten years or more, please explain what you feel will motivate you for the next ten years of practice?
  2. Explain the sansatsuho.
  3. Explain your understanding of kokoro-gamae within your practice and how you can express this in the development of your Sho-dachi?