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Grading Questions – Kendo

Below are the current kendo grading questions.  Please check back before submitting your grading application to check that the questions have not changed.

All grades, all events (effective 26th November 2014):

Please answer any two questions at the appropriate grade level.


  1. Explain the importance of reigi in Kendo?
  2. What drew you to Kendo instead of another Martial Art?
  3. What do you think the importance of Kendo no Kata is to Kendo practice?


  1. Explain ki-ken-tai-itchi.
  2. In Kendo no Kata explain the role of Uchidachi?
  3. Describe kata number three in Nihon Kendo no Kata


  1. Explain the role of Motodachi & how it can improve your Kendo if practised correctly?
  2. Out of the first seven Kata forms choice one and explain the timing and application?
  3. Explain what constitutes a Ippon-da-totsu


  1. Explain GI, Jin, and Yu virtues in the first three forms of Kendo no Kata.
  2. What are your motivations now in the practice if Kendo?
  3.  Explain in your own words what the benefits of Kiri-kaeshi, Uchikomi, Kakari-geiko are and what can be gained from the correct application of  these Kihon?


  1. Explain how you would you teach Ichi-gan-Ni-soku-Sani- tan Shi-riki to a class of intermediate Kendoka?
  2. When Shidachi makes Kurai-zume in Sanbon- me explain the concept from both roles view point?
  3. Name the (9) Kamae in the Kendo Kata.


  1. Name the (7) pleats in the Hakama and their meaning.
  2. Explain your main aims and goals when you are teaching Kendo no kata to a mixed ability class?
  3. Describe the main responsibilities of a kendo referee