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National Jodo Championships

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2005 June 11th – 13th Jodo National Taikai

Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre, Horsham, Sussex



2003 BKA National Jodo Taikai

5th Dan 4th Dan

1st Chris Buxton  1st Alan Nash

2nd Greg Drewe  2nd Mike Clayman

3rd Keith Rose  3rd Yoko Nitta Martin

3rd Roger Brudenell

3rd Dan 2nd Dan

1st Andy Watson 1st Matt Turner

2nd Steve Boyes 2nd Stojanka Vidinic

3rd Val Hodges  3rd Steve Chamberlain

3rd Alison Place  3rd Tony Janew

Mudan and 1st Dan

1st Peter Gibbons

2nd Gareth Mason

3rd Tom Maxwell

3rd Aurelian Narcour

2002 June 15 – Horsham

Due to the low numbers entering (16 people total) we had to group grades together so that a competition could take place.  A written report can be found in the BKA’s Newsonline newsletter, December 2002.

Position Nidan and Below Sandan Yondan/Godan
1st S. Vidinic A. Watson C. Buxton
2nd G. Murray Threipland S. Boyes A. Nash
3rd P. Wood and C. Cooley W. Dickerson and V. Hodges G. Drewe