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Iaido & Jodo Seminar Magglingen

Please find attached the details for the Iaido and Jodo seminar in Switzerland.

Date: April 4th – April 7th


René van Amersfoort 7th

Dan Iaido Renshi
7th Dan Jodo Renshi Fay Goodman
7th Dan Iaido Renshi, 5th Dan Jodo
Karl Dannecker 6th Dan Iaido, 6th Dan Jodo
Philippe Merlier 6th Dan Iaido Renshi
Danielle Borra 6th Dan Iaido Renshi
Jef Heuvelmans 6th Dan Jodo Renshi
Albert van den Broeck 6th Dan Jodo Renshi

Magglingen 2013 English (PDF)

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