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The BKA is launching a new forum!

Click here to go to the forum.

The BKA is a democratic organisation and we are keen to encourage ideas, feedback and discussion among members. To facilitate this we have lanched a new forum.

The forum has two sections – an area for public discusson and enquiries and a private area for members of the BKA only.

Any ‘Registered User’ can post. Registering as a user does not require authorisation from a moderator and posting can be done immediately to the ‘public’ sections of the forum.

Moderators will check regularly for offensive language, agressive or libelous posts and posts on inappropriate topics: remove posts or edit them and advise the poster of the reason for the action. “”Any misuse of the forum will result in banning of the user and IP address from further posting.””

Everyone who registers is required to provide their real name as a part of the registration process, but this is not displayed publically.

Once you have signed up as a ‘Registered User’ you can apply to join a variety of Groups which will enable you to read and post to private areas of the forum. There is a Squad Group, a Dojo Leader’s Group, an Executive Committee Group and so on. The group called ‘BKA Members’ can see and post to the ‘It’s Your BKA…” forum where BKA members can comment on the management and development of the organisation. Please note that access to these groups will only be granted if you include you BKA membership number and dojo in your profile.

You can request membership of these Groups via the “User Groups” section of the User Control Panel – which is accessible at the top left corner of each page.


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