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Archive for 'General'

Darlington Seminar – Sayonara party

Can all members who are attending the Iaido and Jodo seminar please note that there is a Sayonara party on Saturday 22nd starting at 7.30 at the Farmhouse in Darlington. The restaurant has been used before and Morita Sensei noted it served the best food he has eaten in England. Anyone who is interested in attending needs to […]

2014 Northern Seminar Jodo Grading Questions

Please find attached the grading questions for the 2014 Northern Seminar: Jodo Grading Questions Northern 2014 (DOC)

Obituary – Mike Kellet

Mike Kellet passed away peacefully on Saturday 10th October 2014 after a brief illness. Mike had been a student of Iaido for many years and he was a highly esteemed colleague and dojo leader of Taigakai Chelmsford. He achieved the rank of godan and was working for his rokudan when he fell ill. Mike’s patience […]

Lidstone Memorial Kyusha Taikai, 2014

The results for the Lidstone Memorial Kyusha Taikai, 11 Oct 2014 areWinner: Oleg Narea, Reading Kendo Club2nd place: Kristen Wang, University of Kent Kendo Club3rd place: Jonathan den Otter, Tora dojo / Gabriel Simon, Hizen dojoFighting Spirit: Kristen Wang, UKKCPeter Gibson prize: Amy Hoang, UKKCCongratulations to them and to everyone who took part in another […]

NORTHERN JODO & IAIDO SEMINAR & GRADING 22nd & 23rd November 2014

We would like to invite you to the 20th BKA Northern Iaido and Jodo Seminar 2014. The seminar will be held simultaneously across two venues in the local area, the Education Village and Darlington College, which we have used in previous seminars, both offering a larger space to train and some smaller spaces for concentrated groups. Full details […]

Jodo Koryu Session cancellation

We are sorry to announce that the Jodo Koryu Session 3 and Taikai in Wolverton on 11th October 2014 is now cancelled.