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Welcome to the British Kendo Association

The British Kendo Association (BKA) is the official governing body for Kendo, Iaido and Jodo in the UK.

The BKA was founded in 1964 as a non-profit making organisation to foster and develop the practice and spirit of Kendo, Iaido, and Jodo along traditional lines.

For more information on the BKA, please read the About Us section.

If you are interested in beginning Kendo, Iaido or Jodo please see the Starting section for more information and then look in Clubs for somewhere to practice near you.

Latest News

Gibson wins EKC Mens’ Individual Gold!

Congratulations to the Kendo squad for their participation and success in the 26th EKC and congratulations to Stuart Gibson for winning the mens’ individual Gold!

International Individual tournament & Kendo seminar – Latvia June 6/8

International Individual tournament & Kendo seminar
“Riga Cup & Yumura Cup 2014”
June 06th – 08th, 2014, Riga, Latvia

This year we have several celebrations:
The 15th anniversary of Kendo activities in Latvia;
40 years of friendship between the Sister Cities Kobe (Japan) and Riga (Latvia);
Therefore we are proud to offer the following activities:
Kendo tournament “Riga Cup & Yumura Cup 2014” and Kendo seminar will be held in Riga on June 06th – 08th, 2014 and will be hosted by the Latvian Kendo federation.
Men individual championship;
Ladies individual championship;
Children individual championship: Kids cup (2004-2006); Junior cup (2000-2003);

Full details here and registration form here

L1 Coaching Course (led by Iaido/Jodo)

Title: L1 Coaching Course (led by Iaido/J0do)
Location: Wythall, Birmingham
Description: Details for L1 coaching course 19 April.
Wythall House
42 Silver Street
B47 6LZ
9:30 for 10 start and we are in the scout hut by the tennis courts behind the big house.
Start Time: 09:30
Date: 2014-04-19
End Time: 17:00

West Midlands and Glasgow Seminar Grading questions

Please find attached the grading questions for the West Midlands and Glasgow seminars.

Iaido Grading Questions WM & Glasgow 2014 (DOC)

Iaido Grading Questions WM & Glasgow 2014 (PDF)

Watchet Kendo Seminar & Grading 17/18 May

Book before the 27th April to enter the grading and enter the seminar at 2013 prices. After this date you will only be able to book the seminar (grading is closed) and you will be charged 33% more! SO BOOK NOW TO BE SAFE!

BKA Nationals 2014

Please find attached the welcome pack for this year’s BKA Iaido and Jodo Nationals to be held at Stevenage Arts and Leisure Centre. Please also be reminded that this is one of the only regular events that aims to break even or make a small loss therefore your membership funds are being used to run this event –  people that attend enjoy this event at the expense of everyone else who don’t.

I realise that there is a lot in the BKA calendar this year but this event requires paper application so could I ask that you organise your teams and apply as soon as possible.

Many thanks

Andy Watson

Iaido Bucho

British Kendo Association


BKA Nationals 2014 Info and Application Form (DOC)

BKA Nationals 2014 Info and Application Form (PDF)